Another Shot at Blogging.

by heyrob4449

On March 17th, 2012 I created this blog as a place to share my thoughts primarily on the Obama residency, (no I didn’t for get that P). After little more than 6 months and 28 posts later I wrote what was until now my last post on October 3rd, I guess as the election approached and then passed, I had become burnt out on everything and more than just a bit disappointed at Obama’s reelection. Now here I am five and a third years latter and I find myself with a lot of thoughts about the current political climate in this country and feel that Facebook posts are not the best way to put these thoughts to paper so to speak, so I am going to dust off the old blog page and make another run at writing my thoughts here.

Stay tuned as I have one in work, that started as a Facebook Post, but will end up here instead. I will post links to this blog on my Facebook Page as I publish them.