It’s time to bring our troops home.

by heyrob4449

First, to those of you who have asked if I’ve given up this blog, the answer is no. I was gone for nearly a week the first of the month, then had so many other things going that I just didn’t have time to keep up with my sources and then write this blog. But after reading a story this morning, I felt it was high time to get back to it.

An article in Tuesday’s Army Times (here) titled, “Combat warrants limit raids, cause worry over leaks” absolutely blew my mind. I have often said that what our military is asked to do these days is nothing more than be a policemen to the world. This article is just more proof of this fact. Now our troops must have warrants to conduct their operations? It’s obvious to me from the way the conflict in Afghanistan is going, that this country has lost its will and its know-how to fight and win a war. Requiring our troops to have warrants (issued by the Afghan government of course) before conducting patrols and raids is just plain insanity. Why not just put up signs announcing our intentions and give the enemy plenty of warning to set up a better defense?

The Afghan government has done nothing but proven itself to be totally corrupt organization, therefore the chance of our strategic planning being leaked to the very people we are looking for is almost assured. When you think back to World Wars I and II, we allowed the generals who knew what they were doing to conduct those wars as they found necessary to win. We fought on countless fronts and still won those wars in a matter of 4 and 6 years respectively. Since Vietnam, it’s the politicians in Washington and a bunch of dimwitted armchair generals who run these wars and ultimately lose them for us. Their silly rules of engagement and political correctness only unnecessarily drag these conflicts out to a decade or more and cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers for what usually amounts to nothing.

I will admit that in Iraq, we managed to topple a dictatorship and bring to justice perhaps the worst mass murderer since Adolf Hitler. Even there the loss of life was far worse than was necessary to accomplish the goal, had the generals been allowed to run the war instead of the politicians. Despite the fact that this country has completely forgotten how to fight a war to win, it is these same politicians who continually drag us into one after another. Virtually always resulting in heavy casualties to our troops and usually an overall lack of meeting the objectives that were stated in the first place. If we have no will to win, and our hands are tied by silly rules, then it’s time to exit and let the Afghan forces deal with their own problems and prevent the loss of any more American lives.