Taking the plunge

by heyrob4449

I’ve read blogs for years, even taken to posting responses to the blogs of newsletters that I read regularly, but never before had I thought to start one of my own. Not that is until venting recently to my best friend about some issue that was getting my goat that day and said “I should run for office”. I’d actually made that comment before and gotten responses like “You’re too smart for that”, to which I replied “Maybe that’s what they need in the other Washington, some brains!” But the exchange made me think that I could use this venue to try to bring some semblance of reason to the issues of the day, and give me a chance to vent now and again.

So much of what passes as intelligent opinion these days is just mindless drivel. It seems to me that the populace at large simply follows the talking heads in the MSM without any critical thought about what is being fed to them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made a comment about something going on, only to be asked “Why haven’t I heard about that on the news?” My only response is that the MSM filters what they feed the masses, if it doesn’t fit their agenda, then they either ridicule it, or ignore it.

A perfect example was the recent news conference announcing the results of a 6 month “Cold case posse” investigation of the validity of the long form birth certificate (LFBC) presented last April by the White House as proof that Obama is a citizen. Despite showing videos of their testing, explaining the whys and wherefores of the investigation, and that they had “Probable cause” to believe that the LFBC was a forgery and that a fraud had been perpetrated on the people of Maricopa county, the State of Arizona, and the U.S. at large. Not one of the reporters present at the news conference asked a single question related to the evidence presented. Instead they attacked the Sheriff, the lead investigator and even tried to put words into their mouths. Is this how journalists are supposed to act? No wonder so many are turning to other sources for the news.

I will most likely write a full article on this subject soon, but I give this brief synopsis here as an illustration of why I believe the MSM is completely biased and isn’t to be trusted with the fair and truthful reporting of the news. Even the much reviled Fox news, by the left anyway, I find suspect these days. The forcing out of Glen Beck, and the cancellation of Judge Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch are just two examples of the silencing of those media voices who are critical of the path this country is taking.

So as an outlet for my frequent frustration with the leadership of this country, the news media, and who knows what else, I’ve decided to write this blog to voice what I think is wrong with all of those things and my reasoned explanation of why. Unlike those on both the left and right who sink to name calling to try to make a point. I intend to take a higher road, I believe that name calling and the shrill whaling from (primarily) the left, is a sign that they don’t truly have an intelligent argument so they must try to deflect the conversation away from the point.

I hope you’ll read my posts from time to time and agree or disagree let me know what you think of the subject at hand, I only ask that you too take a high road and refrain from profanity and name calling in your replies. If you can’t keep it civil, then keep it to yourself.